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Cash Daddies With Sam Tripoli, Howie Dewey and Johnny Woodard

Apr 26, 2023

The guys are joined today by Robbie Bernstein to talk BlackRock and the Dominion lawsuit, Budweiser, Fox News, and whether Andy Warhol was being paid by the CIA.

Check out Robbie's podcast, "Part of the Problem," or find him on Twitter at @RobbieTheFire!

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Apr 19, 2023

It's just the guys on this week's episode, and we get into all the week's news, including Elon starting an AI company after questioning the safety of the technology, Apple starting a high-yield savings account, and whether "De-Dollarization" is a concern. We also learn who the real God of Oil is.

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Apr 12, 2023

This week we talk Bitcoin's continued rise, whether FedNow is a threat to money as we know it, and Howie's thoughts on SQQQ.

Also this week, we are joined by BeyondEQ International CEO Aasha T. She talks sex energy and business, and the value of emotional intelligence.


Apr 5, 2023

Today the guys talk the highs of gold, silver, and Donald Trump NFTs, the lows of Richard Branson and Donald Trump himself, and how various groups, including those that report the ratings for women's basketball, might be lying with numbers.

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